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2024/3/18 AMICCOM’s A9146M4 System-on-Chip (SoC), certified with WiSUN FAN 1.0, offers unparalleled performance, establishing the cornerstone for efficient development.
2024/1/3 AMICCOM’s A7136 Sub1GHz RF Chip Successfully Passes Wi-SUN Certification and Attains Wi-SUN FAN 1.0 Certification
2023/11/8 AMICCOM Announced 1.65mA ultra-low-receiving current Sub-1GHz
2023/10/24 AMICCOM releases low current Sub-1GHz wireless transceiver SOC – A9129M0
2022/3/25 AMICCOM releases low current sub-1GHz wireless transceiver SOCs
2022/3/22 AMICCOM introduces 2.4GHz low power wireless RF SOC for IoT application
2021/7/5 AMICCOM Announced Sub-1GHz Wireless Transmitter SOC – A9339
2020/6/30 AMICCOM Announced 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver Chip with DSSS Function-A7157
2020/6/30 AMICCOM Announced Sub-1GHz Wireless Receiver Chip-A7209/A7229
2020/3/6 AMICCOM Announced New Sub-1GHz DSSS Wireless Tranceiver-A7119
2019/9/23 New Generation SubGHz Wireless Transceiver Chip Achieves Small Size and Ultra-low RX Current
2019/9/17 New 5.8GHz Wireless RF Transceiver Chip Achieves Longer Transmission Distance
2019/1/21 AMICCOM announced A7136 The new SubGHz RF transceiver chip
2019/1/21 AMICCOM announced A1011, The 5.8GHz Wireless Transceiver SOC
2019/1/7 AMICCOM announced A8125M0, The 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver SOC Chip
2019/1/7 AMICCOM announced A3117M0, The Bluetooth LE Mesh/Bluetooth® LE Central SOC
2018/5/28 AMICCOM announced A3113,A3512 and A3513 The new high-integration Bluetooth low-energy (Bluetooth LE)SoC series chips
2018/5/21 AMICCOM announced A3107M0 The Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth LE) Mesh /Bluetooth® LE Central SoC chip
2018/3/14 AMICCOM announced A8115 The Bluetooth low-energy (Bluetooth LE) SoC chip
2017/6/6 AMICCOM announced A8137M0 The new 13dBm 2.4GHz 2Mbps wireless transceiver SoC chip
2017/3/31 AMICCOM announced A7540/A7539 The new highly isolated 4x2 LNB SWITCH chip
2017/3/24 AMICCOM announced A9508 The new sub1GHz SoC chip with LCD display function
2017/3/9 AMICCOM announced A8507/A8508, The Bluetooth® LE chip series with LCD display function
2016/12/26 AMICCOM announced A9159 The DSSS Spread Spectrum Sub1GHz Wireless RF SoC
2016/10/31 AMICCOM announces A8102, 2.4GHz wireless audio SoC
2015/8/11 AMICCOM announces Bluetooth Low Energy SiP, named A8107 SiP
2013/1/22 AMICCOM launches A7833, high integration single LNB IC.
2012/6/5 AMICCOM launches A7131, a 2.4GHz high speed 10dBm TRX
2012/5/4 AMICCOM launches a 10dBm 2.4GHz/2Mbps TRX called A7137 up to 100 meters LOS range.
2011/7/20 AMICCOM launches A7108, a smart grid TRX over 1000M transmission range
2011/7/5 AMICCOM launches A7130, a 4Mbps GFSK 2.4GHz transceiver for 50 meters distance
2011/1/18 AMICCOM announced A7328, The Ultra Low Power, Low Cost Sub 1GHz / 2Mbps Transmitter IC
2011/1/2 AMICCOM announced A7128, The Ultra Low Power, Low Cost Sub 1GHz / 2Mbps Transceiver IC
2010/8/12 AMICCOM announced 2.4GHz Range extender RF IC, A7700. Reduce 30% external components
2008/8/15 AMICCOM announced A7125, The High Performance, Low Cost 2.4GHz / 2 Mbps Transceiver IC.
2008/1/15 AMICCOM announced A7105, The Ultra Low Power, Low Cost 2.4GHz / 500Kbps Transceiver IC.
2008/1/5 AMICCOM announced A7533, The Ultra Low Power, Low Cost, High Integration LNB Switch Matrix IC.
2007/9/3 AMIC Communication Corporation announced A7103, the ultra low power, low cost sub-1GHz transceiver IC.
2007/8/30 AMIC Communication Corporation announced A7201, the ultra low power sub-1GHz receiver IC.
2007/6/27 AMIC Communication Corp Introduces Its first Sub-GHz Transceiver
2006/3/28 AMIC unveils GPS receiver