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General Information
AMICCOM Electronics Corporation (AMICCOM) locates in Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park (Hsinchu county, Taiwan )and found in November 2005. In May 2007, MC Capital Asia Ltd.(A subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation) and Top Taiwan Venture Capital both made independent investments on AMICCOM.

AMICCOM is a professional RF ICs vendor with leading technology who focuses on chip design and marketing that extended by six product lines

2.4GHz RF data communication
Sub1GHz RF data communication
5.8GHz RF data communication
Wireless audio system
Standard communication (Zigbee/RF4CE and Bluetooth® LE)
Satellite communication

Since 2005, AMICCOM’s core businesses are 2.4GHz TRx, sub-GHz TRx, PHS TRx, GPS Receiver IC, and Switch Matrix IC for LNB. After gaining investments from Venture Capital, AMICCOM will not only keep enhancing the core values, but also create strategy partnerships aggressively, cultivate the company culture by customer oriented for huge wireless applications.

AMICCOM will also secure funding step by step to support rapid business growth, invest the advanced technology, keep increasing R&D creations. In addition to form strategy partnerships and customer oriented, AMICCOM expects to be the leader of RF ICs by Blue Ocean Strategy.